The Recent Update

A video made from snapshots of the space's instagram and twitter, some video of a Liquidlight show, and help with iMovie mobile app.

Uploaded by The Space Concert Club on 2016-10-26.

Since the first show in May, there have been many changes to The Space Concert Club, 1128 Edgewater ST NW.
Brand new glassware, pints, tumblers, rocks, shots, and wine glasses all adorn the bar. New glasses mean that the drinks will be cooler, cleaner, and provide a larger range of creative cocktails. Glasses provided by Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits
The expanded menu is a hugh milestone for Salem's vegans. Twenty new items have been added to the menu. The housemade peanut sause and the housemade vegan queso are only a start.
Lastly they have new open hours: Tues-Sunday, 4pm-1am, and minors welcome til 9pm.